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9ct CZ Gold Claddagh Ring set.

This exquisite Irish Claddagh ring contains all those remarkable elements that makes any piece of Irish jewelry unique and exclusive. Perfect design and informed craftsmanship have come together to produce a Claddagh ring that will fascinate and charm. The Claddagh is Ireland’s everlasting commemoration of friendship, loyalty, and love. Our ladies Claddagh ring pays attention to details, style and craftsmanship to this timeless symbol with its figurative representation and unparalleled pierced band design which makes this Claddagh Ring stylish, unique and timeless piece of Irish Jewellery.

This Claddagh Ring is crafted from 9k Gold in Ireland by Irish Jeweller. This Claddagh Ring is complete with most complex Micro Pave stone setting individually set by hand which is the most up to date & difficult setting to achieve highest level of finish and help stones shine truly.   The traditional Claddagh design has been streamlined and simplified but we have added a matching bands studded with stones of this Claddagh which adds extra beauty & detail that draws eyes to attention to detail with opulent look and feel.

9ct CZ Gold Claddagh Ring Set

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