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9ct Gold CZ Sapphire ladies Claddagh Ring.

What a simple & beautiful presentation of the well known traditional Irish Claddagh Ring design! This elegant Claddagh Ring is made of 9K Gold, has a solid band and presents the Claddagh image of love, friendship and loyalty seen in the symbol as the heart, hands and crown.

This 9K Gold Claddagh Ring is sized from 4 to 9-1/4 so fits teenagers and younger women or women with smaller fingers. Often used as a sign of being in a relationship, the Claddagh Ring symbolized everything from special friendship to engagement. If you are looking for a symbol of a relationship, a very special birthday (think 16th or golden) or a Christmas gift, this 9K Gold Claddagh ring will be perfect. The Claddagh Ring emphasizes the wonderful qualities found in good relationships with its symbols of love, friendship and loyalty so it will be a pleasure for the recipient to wear this beautiful Claddagh Ring.

Our Claddagh designs ensures that your gemstone is firmly mounted and protected from side impacts from all sides. The healthy gold weight also ensures that the ring will retain it’s shape and not twist and bend out of shape at the slightest excuse.

9ct Gold CZ Sapphire Ladies Claddagh Ring.

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